Success stories of renewable energy implementation in Spain.

In Spain there have been several cases of success in the implementation of renewable energies.

One of the most notable projects is the El Hierro Wind Farm, located on the island of El Hierro, in the Canary Islands. This wind farm, which opened in 2015, has allowed the island to become virtually self-sufficient in terms of energy, using wind energy to generate electricity. Additionally, excess wind energy is used to pump water into reservoirs in the upper part of the island, creating a hydroelectric energy storage system.

Another example of success in renewable energy in Spain is the Gemasolar photovoltaic solar power plant, located in Seville. This plant uses concentrated solar energy tower technology with thermal storage in molten salts. Gemasolar can provide continuous energy 24 hours a day, even at night, thanks to its storage capacity. The project has been a benchmark in the use of solar energy in Spain and has demonstrated the viability of solar energy with large-scale storage.

gemasolar success story in Spain by Oscar Liria
Image obtained with Google Earth.

Spain has also seen significant growth in offshore wind energy, with projects such as the Wikinger offshore wind farm, which is located in the Baltic Sea and is one of the largest in Europe. This project has contributed to the development of offshore wind energy in Spain and has increased the country’s renewable energy generation capacity.

These are just some examples of successful cases in the implementation of renewable energies in Spain. The country has been working on expanding clean energy and reducing its dependence on fossil fuels in recent years.

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