“Deciphering CUPS: The Key to Understanding Your Energy Supply”

Have you ever wondered what those mysterious numbers and letters that appear on your electricity or gas bill mean? Or how do energy providers know exactly which supply is yours? The answer to these questions lies in the Universal Supply Point Code, better known as CUPS.

What is CUPS?

The CUPS is a unique alphanumeric code that identifies your electricity or gas supply point. Think of it as the DNA of your connection to the supply network. It not only identifies where you are located, but also other important details such as the type of supply, the contracted power and more.

Because it is important?

This code may seem like just a combination of letters and numbers, but its importance goes much deeper. CUPS is essential for accurate billing of your energy consumption, as it allows service providers to easily identify your supply and record your consumption appropriately.

How to read your CUPS

The CUPS can vary in length and format depending on the country and energy provider, but generally follows a specific structure. For example, in Spain, a typical CUPS consists of 20 alphanumeric characters, representing different aspects of your supply, from geographical area to contract type.

What does it mean to you?

Knowing and understanding your CUPS can empower you as an energy consumer. It helps you better understand your bill, detect possible errors and track your consumption more accurately. Additionally, if you are considering switching suppliers or installing new renewable energy technologies, your CUPS will be crucial in this process.


The Universal Supply Point Code may seem like an insignificant technical detail, but its role in energy supply is fundamental. As consumers, understanding this gives us greater transparency and control over our energy consumption. So the next time you see that code on your bill, remember that it’s much more than a series of characters; It is the key to understanding and optimizing your energy supply.

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Óscar Liria

CEO. Estanfil. Experts in Energy Solutions.

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